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Rear Subframe Bushings

I am about to begin the process of replacing the suspension parts on my 1992 300 E (150,000 miles). I am starting with the replacement of my shock and struts. As I have the Klann spring compressor I figured that I would also replace the rear subframe bushings.

In reading the numerous posts I am unclear whether on the rear subframe there is just one bushing/mount or each side or two for a total of four.

I initially thought only one on each side but looking at fast lane catalogue it appears there are subframe mounts and the bushing kit with two(2) bushings.

So can anyone confirm that for the rear subframe there is

a) a subframe mount (1 on each side) on the rear of the rear subframe, and

b) a subframe bushing kit that provides for a bushing to be installed ( 1 on each side) at the front of of the rear subframe.

Am I reading this right I need to purchase both the the subframe bushing kit (2 bushings) and two (2) subframe mounts?

I will either buy the bushing tool or make my own threaded rod push/pull.

Thanks for the input.

(As I do it I will take and post pictures)
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