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Originally posted by csnow
Funny, and the statistics say folks are returning to cars...

Some analyst called it "SUV fatigue". Could be a fashion shift, sticker prices (tough economy), or fuel prices. Everyone has a theory...

I have one of each.
Personally, I prefer a car for my high speed commuting. More maneuverable, less fuel...

Use the SUV on the weekend for hauling stuff or towing.
That may be so but this is my first SUV and I love it. It's nice being able to see down the road rather than looking at the back window of a SUV or Truck not being able to see what's up ahead. So far I'm getting 17mpg with my foot stuck in that 32 valve 4 cam V-8. And that I'm really impressed with!! I'm anxious to see how well it does when I calm down a bit with it.

This past summer with my E320 really burned me out on it, i.e. ISC/CC unit, and a bunch of other things. I enjoy working on my cars but it was getting way tooooo excessive with that one. It had a lot of miles on it so I'm not really knocking the car, it just feels really good to not worry about what's next with it!!

I now see (literally) what the draw of SUV's are, good down the road vision, ability to haul lots of people and things, etc. etc.

And believe me, the thought of a new Benz was not a thought, especially with the way people are complaining about them these days. I love the new E500, but I really would expect higher qaulity than what I've read coming from Benz. We'll see in a few years what this does to the company if things continue to decline for them.

The ML was a serious thought but not after reading some of the current owners complaints. I don't need a shop queen, not that this Aviator couldn't turn out to be one. But after doing some research on it, people rated it a 9.5 for satisfaction with no major problems. I just hope I didn't get one that falls in the .5 category.
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