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Not a lot to it, really.

You'll need to remove the plastic sound-muffling
enclosure(s) underneath the engine/transmission.

The transmission pan has a drain plug - Use it to
let the first few quarts out of the pan. Then
remove the pan. The filter is inside - it removes
with phillips screws - three of them, as I recall.
Be prepared for a shower of ATF as you remove
the filter.

There are a couple of drain plugs located around the
periphery of the torque converter. You must rotate
the engine, either manually, with the key, or using
a remote starter, to position one of the drain plugs
above the access opening. This can be a bit tedious.

The drain plug is an allen head plug - 5mm I think?

Be sure to use a new pan gasket when buttoning it all
back together.

Just fill from the top, where the trans dipstick resides.
The torque converter will take care of itself. Be certain
not to overfill. I believe capacity is just above 6
quarts. I've read to add four, run the engine for a few
minutes, and then begin slowly topping up.

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