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Question '88 560SL transmission question

I've searched the entire site, which is great, and previously posted this question on the SL thread, receiving one response which I appreciated. However, I still feel uncomfortable and am reposting here. My apologies for being a nuisance.

My SigOther has the above car with 103k miles on it, previously owned by the local MB sales manager and ostensibly serviced religiously per schedule. I don't doubt that as the car is pristine. My question about the transmission is that the upshift seems to be incredibly "solid" between all gears even during light to moderate acceleration. There is no delay or slippage in the shift between any of the gears, nor does it seem to delay the shift for higher RPM's; on the contrary, it seems remarkably swift and almost harsh accompanied by a physical feeling of a forward surge on the car coincident with the gear change. There are no mechanical sounds which would indicate a problem, only the single physical "bump and surge" associated with the gear change. The shift seems much smoother on a manual downshift under constant throttle or deceleration.

Perhaps this is normal for the beast as opposed to American slush pumps, but this being my first MB experience I'm concerned. I've a '71 Jag XKE which I personally restored (manual transmission) so I'm not totally ignorant, but this is most perplexing to me as I would have expected MB to provide a smoother gear change.

Thanks for any responses to this paranoid, non-specific "problem of perception."
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