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Just went out and took a look, it does appear that there is a small drip coming from spot where the plastic cover and the engine meet, and it is dripping onto one of the six pipes that take the exhaust away from the engine, which I assume is the manifold (sorry, mechanic terminology not a strong point). this small drip has been there since I bought the car, and I never thought much of it because it seemed like such a small amount compared to the amount of oil I am losing (quart every 750 mi). I would always check around and under the "manifold" and see no oil, so I figured the small amount I saw could not possibly be the leak. But now it makes perfect sense that the manifold would burn it off, and this is what I'm smelling. I imagine the leak is the result of a bad gasket, is there a way to confirm this before taking the entire valve cover off?
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