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Years ago I had a 71 pre Feb. (with the good carbs) Datsun 240 Z ,while showing off for a friend i wound it to redline in first gear and as it had a misadjusted half moon part in the throttle linkage it went over center and stuck wide open as I shifted and would not go into second gear but stuck in netural.The RPM's instantly went past 8000 the engine screaming like a jet as I despertaly fumbled to shut it off ,it had a two ignition switchs one under the dash.Before I could shut it down it made a terrible rumble and quite running. Of course I thought it blew but after much sweating and cranking it fired and sounded fine, I drove it for three years after that .A mecanic friend that rallyed a 510 said the fuel pump could not keep up with the RPMs is why it had stopped and not to worry that it happend to him several times in his rally car.That old Datsun inline six sure looked like a MB six copy.........
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