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It kinda sounds like you pranged the position of the trunk hinges. Open it up and take a look where the hinges are bolted to the trunk sheet metal. If you see anything that looks like the trunk has moved in relation to the hinge attachment bolts, then that is your problem. It isn't really likely that you bent the trunk (pretty sturdy piece of material). But, having said that, I don't know much about the violence of a "spaz" attack. I'll bet that you moved the trunk sheet metal and it will have to be readjusted back to it's original position. Loosen the bolts until you can just move the trunk, (better if you have a helper), close it until it's almost to the latch position and gently tap it with your hand until it's where it otta be. Open it until you have just enough room to get to the bolts and tighten one on each side. Check for alignment and if it's OK, sock them down. Good luck..
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