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W124 Fluid around Power steerign box & intake

Vehicle-1993 300E

Looked under hood during cleaning, and noticed moisture and dirt, around the intake pipe, closest to driver.( just above steering box) Upon further inspection under car, removed plastic pan under engine, and noticed fluid around the bottom of, what I believe is the steering box. PS fluid resovoir is dry, and does not appear to have lost fluid. No leaks in the hoses appear to be present. I do have a slow timing cover leak, but do not think it is the culprit. I have thoroughly degreased all of it, and will monitor the next few days, to see if I can find the source.

If this is the PS box/pump, would the intake area be wet/oily? It is the area where the intake goes into a rubber fitting. What else should I eye-ball?

I have read thru many posts on leaking hoses, and i hope this is what it is, just curious as to why i would have a mess at the intake area. I generally keep this engine bay very clean, so it was noticeable.

As it progresses i can take photos.



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