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The Humming is there. But you have 2 pumps?
Ok, do the following:
Turn the key on (do not crank), and place your hand on each pump. Obviously at least one of the 2 must have some vibration. Then the other pump must be bad. Althought I am not sure whether both pumps should come on at the same time for startup.
Zorin has a good suggestion, the ignition coil could be faulty (no spark).
Preferably do this in some degree of darkness:
Take the wire off the center socket in the distributor (from the coil), and place it close to ground (anywhere on the chassis). Crank the engine, a bright spark should be visible jumping from the wire to the chassis.
If no spark, either cable or coil might be bad.
If bright spark, possibly the rotor or distributor cap is bad.
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