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W202, instrument light bulbs specs.

Thanks to this forum I think I now have a good idea on how to
gain access to those bulbs.
I'd like to have the right bulbs in hand once the cluster is removed.
The parts shop shows 3 kind of bulbs for my car:
P4042-70195 Instrument Light Bulb 12V : 2W
4B300-54460 12v - Blue Base (1.2w)
Instrument Light Bulb 12V :1.5W

What are the different ones for ?

The one I need to change is the temp display one.
Is it the 1.2w blue base ?
While I'm at it, I might aswell change the other ones.
How many of each would I need ?
This might be a bit of a long shot but I'm hopefull someone will have the answer.
Many Thanks

'94 C220
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