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300 CE instrument lights

My 1988 300CE had the left bulb (fuel/temp/oil press) go out about 6 months ago. I had it replaced (along with the right side) at the 52,500 dealer service in April. During that service, the vacuum hose to the economy guage was accidently disconnected by the tech.

Just had the 60,000 mi. service done, and they re-attached the hose to the economy guage. Now works fine.

Get the car back and 2 weeks later, the same left bulb goes out.

So, just a case of a bad ( 6 month old replacement) bulb...or might this be a problem of some other sort? Is a short to that bulb only likely?.. Do these bulbs ever come loose. A light tapping of the dash top did nothing.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your comments.
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