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Cold start and EGR issues

Hello All,

I just got the E320 back from the Shop, Replacement of head gasket and all that goes with this type of repair. Car has 208K on it, and according to all information available this would be the first time for the head gasket. Before, I take it back to have them look into the below. I need to know what , why and that I can't repair it.

That said, I Need some insight on troubleshooting problems with My 1996 E320. Before, I list the symptoms, yes I have done searches on the Tech Help forum. Quite a bit of information was found. I'll be running test on the EGR Valve. I'll so be testing the cold start injectors, still have to find the procedures.

Here goes…

Symptoms :

Check engine electronics displayed ( check engine light Not On? ), Code PO400 EGR Valve.
Engine Idles a little rough, Removal of vacuum hose to EGR value, car idles smooth.
Cold start issues, car cranks but does not start until depressing gas peddle.
Once Car has started once it will restart Fine until it Sits for about 20 to 30 min.

Any Insights on Items to check, verify.
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