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Can you describe what the top is or isn't doing? You say they have fault codes, that should help them somewhat........

By looking at your post, it looks like the dealer is really "in to" throwing parts at a problem. There are pressure gauges they can use to find out if the pump pressure is OK. If the pump pressure is good, and there is a hydraulic problem, and there is no binding or anything, then a hydraulic actuator makes sense (and it may be hard to determine which one it is, left or right). However, just recommending a pump AND actuators at the same time? Nah, no way.

Maybe another dealer is the key, or asking if they can have a shop foreman in the shop you go to now have a look at it, sounds like even after NINE HOURS of "training" (at YOUR expense, BTW) the guy who is looking at it now hasn't a CLUE.
I'd be PO'd, I'd talk to the service manager about the situation for sure.

Hope you have seat heaters for the cold weather driving, it can be a rather exhilerating (sp?) ride, kinda fun if it's a sunny day.
But that's not the POINT is it!?


PS My experience has been that usually these tops have problems with the micro-switches and sensors used to operate the system (detect where the top is and what operations have been completed) rather than pumps and actuators and all the stuff that actually DOES the work.
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