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Well the car got good and cool, almost 7 hours of sitting after getting home from work (and temp is ~50*F). I pulled the CSV, first thing I noted was that both cap screws were loose, not falling out loose, but not tight. Got the CSV up enough to place in a "vessel" then cranked the engine. Working alone I couldn't see if it was sraying a fine mist or not, engine never started but I cranked a good 20 seconds (probably because of the open hole in the intake), with the expectation that if the valve was functioning there would be fuel in the vessel.

When I went back to the engine the vessel was bone dry. Not even so much as a drop of fuel formed at the injector end.

Now it's looking more like the CSV has gone south for the winter, but I still have to check the temp sensor. Next question is which of the temp sensors drives the CSV?
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