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Fine, then its settled.

We'll start a petition to have Jackie Steward as the Secretary of Transportation, to be Co-Chaired with Derek Bell and we'll send it right over to the Bush Camp!!!

I look back on how fortunate I was to have my father as a speeder role model! Mind you, my father is the type that is technically proficient at any under taking (former fighter pilot). I can still here my Mom, "Slow down!", "Stop tail-gating Him!", etc., etc. It taught me to think about others behavior and His behavior. Conclusion? Here are a lot more morons out there than safe drivers and that should be unsettling for anyone.

Here's the basics;
1) Merging - if clear ahead, nail it to the floor and merge AHEAD of the traffic to the left if safely possible.

2) Cruising - stay in the right most lane period! Only use the other lanes when passing and by passing than means at a speed greater than 5 mph. If you are not going to pass at that speed, speed UP, try it, it won't kill you. Please, please, please, look before pulling into that left lane and for more than a nano-second gauge the rate of the traffic coming up, if you are going to slow that traffic down, wait until you do not.

If you are passing and happen to notice traffic coming up on you rather briskly, (hint, your eyes should be glued to that mirror as if you where about to walk across the street with your loved ones.) please be so kind as to NAIL IT and pull to the right so that you do not impede the progress of others (because when you see one car coming up, their are usually more).

Is there more, probably. Surprisingly, this is all that bugs me about driver behavior out there. It could be much better, but if you think its really that bad then try another country like Thailand! Now that is fun, brings out the aggressive driver to say the least! Once you get back to your home, you should have no problem merging anymore, it will now be the other drivers problem.

Last point, I think we need to push Congress to raise the speed limits again. This business of Insurance companies helping develop and giving speed sensing laser guns to police and hwy depts. free for use should be out lawed! I think speeding should not carry a monetary fine, you should simply have to show up at a high speed driving class where your tax paying dollars could be spend to teach you to safely drive at speed (more road coarse need across the country). Then you would be issued a new license plate/license, identifiable by radar, laser, etc, and by sight that would allow you to go on your merry way safely.

Enough said.
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