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We have been through this before. If you wish to use archive data to assist diagnosis you MUST understand the underlieing principles.

The whole fuel pressure/ accumulator / leak down affair only affects HOT!! restarts. This is not a problem to cold starting and the accumulator or pressure reserves are only necessary when not running to keep the fuel from boiling. Bag that one!

Cold start injectors whether working or not have never fixed any MB I have ever worked on (I do live in Florida though), with the possible exception of a leaker or two.

I would look to EHA current and see if you are getting ANY first thing and second to see if there is sufficient starting and cold enrichment increases in the current. You shopuld have a combined current while cranking of 50 - 80ma. When it starts the starting enrichment part will go away and you should be left with as much as 20ma cold running enrichment (varies with temp).
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