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jacking it up?!

okay,i figure i want to lift the car up off the ground for the winter.i'm tired of the tires having 'flat spots' after sitting for weeks/months so i figure if i get it off the garage floor-and i mean JUST off the floor all will be question is:

1.where can i apply the jack stands?on the outer ends of the axle in the rear and a similar point in the front?(what would be similar bytheby?)
2.for a '95 s500 sedan,will 2 1/2 ton jack stands be sufficient?

i had thought of applying the stands to the mounts at the four corners on the sides/undercarriage of the car but when i would use them in the summer for a few hours and the stands chewed up the rubber mounts and so i'm afraid of what they'd look like after a few months.any ideas to using these without killing them?
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