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Electronic Gremilin help... again (please!)

Ok, here goes... the "dead door" in my CLK is not the respon. of the shop that fixed my shift control computer... or whatever it is called. But, I really need some help. There is an intermittent problem in which the drivers door goes dead. I suspected a battery (it wasn't holding a charge really well...) replaced the battery and everything was great... for two days. Now, drivers door dead again. I did reset it once by pulling the fuse and putting it back in (as I read how to do in a search of the forum -thanks) but it dosen't always work. Is there a common thread that would control the power seat control, the drivers mirror and the drivers window and that would go out intermit? Thanks, and one last question... When I bought the car it needed an entire interior. The dealer that sold me the car (back East -had it shipped) replaced the carpet, the console and the front seats. They mounted the drivers seat crooked. The seats came from a CLK coupe, not the cab. Has anybody ever heard of seat going in crooked? The auto trim place that is finishing the job for me can't seem to get it fixed? Does anybody have an insights?? Thanks in advance!
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