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Hello Steve.

Some Image and Infor hope could help you do your work.

Remove cover for spring link NOTE: When removing left rear spring, remove cross brace (69)
Unclip electric cable for brake pad wear indicator on spring link (77) (arrows)
Pay attention to correct cable routing for later installation
Insert clamping plates (01b 01c) tool No. 202 589 13 63 00, or equivalent, refer to Tensioning/Untensioning Springs For Service Procedures
Raise spring link (72) Until the rear axle shaft is roughly horizontal
Insert clamping device tool No. 202 589 02 31 00 WARNING: Risk of injury from being trapped or crushed when working on preloaded springs or spring bodies.
Clamp rear spring NOTE:
Only use approved clamping devices and if appropriate also screen off the damper area
Check special tools for damage and function, (visual inspection)
Wear safety gloves
Loosen spring link (72)
Discard self-locking nuts
Remove rear spring (73) With rubber mount (74)
Clean spring link (72) in area of support surface

Install in reverse order, noting the following:
Replace self-locking bolts (69a, 69b)
Replace self-locking nut (72b) and tighten when the rear axle shaft is roughly horizontal
After replacing the rear spring or rubber mount check and correct headlamp adjustment
Tighten the following components as noted:
Self-locking bolt for fixing cross brace to frame floor: 120 Nm
Self-locking nut for spring links to rear axle carrier: 70 Nm
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