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Thanks again Bobby!

I have been so busy at work that I have not had time to check out anything further. I am wondering if I dont need to clarify (once again ), seems I am not good at this posting thing. LOL! The ringing and flashing of the light happens only when the top is ON the car. If the top is off OR the soft top is down, then I enjoy a wonderful peaceful ride with no bells or flashes. It is much worse with the hardtop than with the soft top. So this is what I dont understand.....can you move the latches with the special tool when the top is on the car (doesnt seem logical to me that you could)? I talked to my mechanic and I am going to copy everything here and take it to him. Like I said he is a personal friend as well as certified mercedes mech. He just hasnt seen many 300sl because it is a very rural area. Also, I have some of the earlier posts where you have helped others for him to read. He is very open about the idea of getting help here. Thanks soooooo much for your time and efforts!!
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