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Re: Bad Transmission

Originally posted by Dbrindle
1992 Mercedes 300 TE wagon - 150k miles


<<<1. When cold the transmission delays shifting and then shifts hard. Once warmed up it shifts perfectly with no slipping>>>

By itself this can be fixed via the valve body, however the hot reverse delay eliminates this fix.

<<2. When putting in reverse - cold or warm it takes a long time to engage - up to a minute. Once in gear it works fine. The time to shift into gear Revving the engine the car moves slowly and then catches and works fine. Each time it is shifted into reverse it takes the same amount of time to engage.>>

This would be a leaking B3 allpy piston, requires removeal of the unit and resealing it, along with replacing the clutches. This combined with the lousey cold shifts would make me inclined to overhaul.


German Auto Parts in the Atlanta area keeps remans in stock. Their prices are pretty reasonable.


Code check time, thats a impulse car. Do a searh on "impulse code read out" and see what its up to.The O2 sensor is a likely culprit. There are a few variants that require removal or resetting the light for o2 sensor replacement based on mileage, your car might be one of those.

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