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Unfortunately, according to the data presented you can't have a problem. That presents a problem.

The OVP definitely isn't a problem as it isn't in position to use current anyway.

The answer to your problem is to find out which of your statements are false. Does that 160amp alternator only produce 160a at 10v? Is it really hooked to the battery? Do you have 200a load?

Realistically, if you wish to monitor the situation an ammeter would be best but kind of impractical to do while driving. A voltmeter could give a real indication. Whenever you are below battery voltage (somewhere around 12.5v) with the motor running, the demand is greater than the alternator output. If the output is really 160a then running at less than 12.5v indicates a larger than 160a load, not likely unless you have a window unit AC mounted on the roof.
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