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1983 300 C Turbo Diesel

Wow, thanks for the detailed information. I am still trying to get more info on the vehicle. I do know it has never been wrecked and kept indoors. I also know the man spent $1,000 on sheep skin seat covers, but do not know if this was to cover up bad leather. He supposedly loved this car over the other two MB they drove all the time.
When I get the mileage and other info, I will post it as well.
This is really a great forum.
By the way cth350, what the heck are glow plugs????
And Patsy? Any kind of Mercedes to me is a dream car!!! ...LOL....I am 46 years old and ever since driving my uncle's 4 in the column 60's model Benz in my teens, I have always wanted one. Plus, my wife is dying to get an SLK Kompressor.
Again, all info is welcomed and appreciated!
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