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my transmision in my SL goes from 3rd to 5th(overdrive) without shifting through 4th. it started this with no warning,ie noises,slipping or other problems associated with trannys going bad. i think its electrical and i took it to my dealer to check. they checked the overdrive switch on the shift lever, changed a selinoid valve assbly , and 1 month later admitted they were stumped. i told them to take the new parts off which the did and i picked my car up (after paying$ 500.00 for them to practice) and drove it home with the same problem. oh i forgot, they also said the only way to fix the car was to put in a new tanny. i heard of a shop in sfo area that specializes in mb trannys, so i called them and explained my problem. very helpful and i got the feeling they new what they were talking about. they said the problem was electrical and putting a new tranny would not fix the car. possible problems, wireing harness shorting out, the computer control box on the firewall(egs box).i called the dealer to have them talk to this shop and by the time they got around to it the mechanic had left for England for a month. H E L P i'm fairly mechanical having overhauled 2 previous mb diesels,but i need some place to start. thanks for any help 92 300 sL 68000mi.
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