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500SL - Check your distributors!

Just a word of warning to you guys living in the not so sunny parts of the world.

I had a rather nasty experience on Friday which felt like a whole bank was dieing. No power at all, I had to keep her in neutral to keep the revs. Changing to drive was a certain stall. Bear in mind it has been raining non stop here for the last 5-6 days.

This definitely ties in with one of those 'one off' happenings I had a while ago. I remember that after power washing the car, using quite heavy grille washing, that she was a pig to start and had no power - but the symptoms vanished after a couple of minutes or so and so I casually forgot.

It turns out to be heavily worn and arcing distributor caps and rotor - actually rotors look ok but I thought best to replace them too (110UKP each pair) .

So, for those of you with a slightly elder lady and whom are unfortunate to live in damper conditions similar to myself (IE the UK) why not get those caps checked - I wished I did earlier as calling the recovery vehicle out to my 500 was most embarrassing!!!

'93 R129 500SL-32
'89 190E 2.6 - sold in 2002
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