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Thanks for the help on the light. Since it came one almost exactly at 150K miles and since the car is running perfect except the reverse gear thing I assumed the light was mileage oriented.

But while on the subject I do have a pinging problem. I use the best grade of gas and still the car will ping from time to time when climbing a hill. recently I have not noticed any pinging.

Since the trans is bad the engine also leaks some oil between the block and head. How much of a job is it to pull the entire engine and trans and then replace the head gasket with the trans while I have it all out? Do I need any special tools? If so where can I get them.

Instead of just the head gasket at 150K miles am I better off putting in a rebuilt head or a rebuilt short block. Adsit has a good price on both. Is Adsit a good place for rebuilt parts??

I have many years of wrenching espericence, have a shop with lift and cherry picker and work on my Porsche 928 to keep it running (not a trival task).
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