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Not sure what it means, but here are my readings I took this morning.

Key on, engine off EHA drawing 75mA.
While starting 7.0mA, after about 10 seconds reading fluctuates between 3.5 and 5.5mA. Ambient temp at the time of testing ~80*F.

Duty cycle key on, engione off, fixed at 69.7%, running and warmed 50.3% (with dips to ~46% and spikes to ~58%).

Looks like my EHA numbers are way lower than should be during start and warm up. What should my next logical step be? I will repeat the tests later today after the car has had a chance to cool off sufficiently, just to make sure I didn't screw the pooch on the first try.

EDIT: re-reading Steve's DIY article, yet again, I notice mention of an OVP issue creating hard cold starts. I do have current at the EHA and the fuse on the OVP is not blown. However, can an OVP be only "partly" bad, and cause cold hard starts?
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