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Thanks for the info on the codes. That was easy enough.

I pushed the button and the light blinked 16 times. There was no other codes from whan I can tell. I pushed the putton and held it for 10 seconds and now the engine check light is off.

I did a search on the forum and could not find any place the codes are listed. I checked the CD I bought for the car and there do not seem to be any codes listed there either. Any place the codes are to be found? This is a 92 300 TE wagon.

Your suggestions on the engine and trans are appreciated. I was thinking since the trans is bad and the pull procedure in the book does not look so bad it might save time working on the bench rather then under the car.

A head exchange from Adsit is about $300. I doublt if a shop locallay could do a rebuild on the head with guides for any less. Any other suggestions other than Adsit for quality parts at better prices.

With pulling the head and changing the timing chain do I need any special tools. I know every time I do a new job on the Porsche I have to get some new wrench or something.

Is pulling the engine, changing the trans and putting on a new head a three day job if all of the parts are availabe at the time. I have a helper for the heavy stuff and air tools.

Thanks again for all your help.
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