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don't make this mistake

While going through the 300SE engine I ended up replacing the chain guides (oil pump and timing chain) and the timing chain. While the head was in the shop I figured I would go ahead and assemble the front of the engine as shown in the above drawing. Well little did I know that when I put the chain cover on I did not have the bottom end of the chain securely on the bottom sprocket. I got the lower most inside support post between the chain and the sprocket. After I put the head on I went to put the cam sprocket back on. Seems the chain was a tad too short. As you can see the front has been stripped back down just because of this mistake. Oh well, at least the cylinder head is on and torqued down. Hopefully, I will get it back together this week. I will say that it does not take me hardly anytime to get this far. Oh well - live and learn and learn from your mistakes.
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