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Sorry, I did my math worng - too late at night. I was subtracting the core from the price.

If I just pull the head and install a new gasket is this viable on a 150K mile car. It really does use a bit of oil and make a mess on the floor. It has not got any worse from when I got the car at 86K miles, so I am tempted to live with the leak for a while longer. Oil usage is about a quart in 700 miles.

Lately the car has started to use a little water. I assume from the same palce since I can not locate any other leaks. About a quart in 1500 miles.

If I was going to do any upgrading I would put in a diesel engine. I really miss my 190D with its 38 MPG. 225K when I sold it with a bad heater. Now pushing 300K with the engine going strong - although now it needs a trans too. Pint and interior still look great and the car still drive like new.

If all that is required is a star socket then it is not a big deal - I have one of them.

You did not mention a source of the engine codes.

Thanks again.
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