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Unhappy Rough Ride : Replace Springs or Shocks?

*sigh ... i can't stand the softness of my Springs and Shocks anymore, i am using Eibach for Springs and Blistein for Shocks, i have also increase the rubber damping on the front by 4 points and back by 3 points but still the distance between the fender and tyre is still 2.5cm!

Over here the pot holes are terrible and each time my w124 goes high speed i feel like the car is coming apart!

But what should i change? i think i should change the shocks as i heard that Eibach with the stock shocks are a pleasure to drive... my guess is the Blistein has gone bonkers, springs usually last a perpetually right?

Please advise, i dun wan to feel like i am riding a speed boat everyday!
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