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I am stoked! I just got back from the dealership where they fixed my leaking power steering box. Barrie, I got your thread after I took it to them... Anyway, no biggie though, because the whole operation only cost me $267.00 US out the door! They charged me less than 3 hours of labour = $208 and then the difference for a new gasket set, some brake clean, a P/S filter and new P/S fluid. Plus, to make matters even better, the car handles better than it ever has (since I've owned it... 14 months and 24 thousand miles.) It is tight! (I mean the steering is tight, not the street slang) It's like driving a different car! Tonight I'm going to take it on the freeway. I am anxious to see how it does.
Thanks again for the advice.
Kyle De Priest
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