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Philips Rallye Light Bulb

I have been using so many different brands of high wattage bulbs. The only brand that I can trust is the Philips Rallye Light Bulbs. I ordered a pair of 9006 80W bulb and installed them in my 95 Honda Accord. I can see the dramatic difference between those poorly make "Made in Korea or Taiwan". In fact, those filaments are so poorly aligned that I have to aim the headlight a bit higher that standard bulbs. After I installed the Philips, I have to aim them lower to avoid getting a ticket. The Philips bulbs that I am using are "Made in Germany" and UV Block which is important to protect your expensive lens and reflectors. However, the bulb is also marked with "Not for Sale/Use in Germany". If you want the maximum brightness, you SHOULD always use the CLEAR bulb, no blue, gold, green, violet, orange...........

Check out

By the way, I ordered the bulbs from Fosmo

Check out

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