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before a local MB-cert dealer in Palo Alto calls tomorrow to tell me that my 190 needs a brain transplant or something else of that magnitude. My experience with this dealer is that they believe in replacing everything involved with a system ("Needs new spark plugs so we have to also add new plug wires, distributor and wiring harness", or "Haven't quite figured it out yet and have maxed your card - please wire enough for a new engine - that should solve it"). They're seriously scary with other people's money.

My trusted MB tech was too far away to tow to when my 1993 190 2.6 died this afternoon, after running perfectly from office to car wash to gas station (it always starts and runs perfectly). After fueling, I cranked it over, the starter spun it two/three times before I let go of the key (too early - engine had not caught - I choke like this sometimes). Simply turned key back to lock then fired it again and *nothing*. Like starter wires suddenly dropped off the connecting posts. Fuel pump hits normally, all indicators light normally, four or five small clicks in the engine bay (I imagine ABS, fuel injection priming, etc etc) but starter bolt not throwing or anything else. AAA eliminated battery as possibility. Something between key and starter is no-go. Called trusted tech and he suggested checking connections then tapping starter with hammer (82k miles worth of worn points in there). Filling station personnel wanted $130 to throw it on a lift to do same and would not loan tools. And I -- ok ok here goes -- do not know which lump hanging off the block is my starter (even if I could get the pan dropped and out).

Ohhh that hurt to admit. Have at me, guys. Let the hazing begin.

Searched here and noticed post regarding something called an "interlock relay"? Possible culprit? Fuses in fuse box were fine, by the way. Ignition switch? Broken wire? What may be possibly causing?

Appreciate your feedback folks - just paranoid about this service group (given said propensity to *spend* for solutions) and hoping to arm myself with the right line of questioning. That comes tomorrow.

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