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Remove the battery and loose WHAT?

AGRON80, the relay is behind the battery, yes? When you remove the battery all devices that have memory will be lost. Have no fear, EL CHEAPO is here. Do as I and a great number on the MBCA forum. From Radio Shack or where ever, get a cigarette lighter plug and a 9 volt battery snap connecter. Solder the 2 leads from each together keeping the polarity correct. The center nose of the plug is positive. After you've finished this advanced electronics device and have a battery plugged on, plug it into your lighter recepticle. Remove the battery. Turn the ignition switch to the acc. postion. This little Jim-Dangy Gadget will be to your rescue. Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston, home of a few "EL CHEAPOS"

try me for a pressure brake Bleeder that is the spitting image of the $45.00+ advertised in the STAR. How about less than 15 bucks.
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