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1974 slc won't start

Hi all--

So I bought a great-looking 1974 SLC this past Saturday from an auction dealer, and--of course--it wouldn't start this morning. I'm in San Francisco, and it's fairly cold outside today for the low 50's.

The dealer mentioned that the car hadn't been run that much lately, and that this might happen because of that.

When I tried to start the car this morning, it didn't make the clicking sound that I've seen drained-battery cars make. However, the battery light and the light next to it -- what I think is the check engine light -- lit up, but that's about it. The car stereo was on when I started the car, and worked okay. It still works. The power windows worked for a second, but quickly stopped. (Thankfully, I only pulled them down a little!)

What's really weird is that I wasn't able to jump-start the car. I ran cables from my Subaru Outback to the positive-negative bolts with no positive effect. I checked the cables to make sure they're carrying a charge, and they are.

I don't know a whole lot about cars, but I know how to jump start, which is what has me wondering what the problem could be. Unless jump-starting an older Mercedes is somehow different than a normal jump?

As for what the root of the problem could be, the car has an after-market amplifier in the trunk. Could this somehow be causing the excessive power drain?

Or is my battery just flat-out dead?

Any recommendations? I'd appreciate it...I'll probably take it to a mechanic in SF (any recommendations for that too?), but I'd like to get an idea of what's going on first.

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