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My 1991 190E took names at a quasi-SCCA event on Saturday

Ok, I own a 1991 190E 2.6 with 159,900 miles.

The Darrell Waltrip Volvo dealership staged a big autocross event for folks to come out and drive their new S60. This is a 300hp all-wheel drive vehicle. I'll have to admit that it is pretty stout. It also has a short throw 6 speed manual. Suspension settings of normal, sport and advanced and you could turn traction control on or off.

So, you had to register -- only 60 could race. The idea was that DW would put down a lap, anyone that beat him he'd make a $100 donation to a charity. If you owned a European car you could take a lap in it, too.

The course, officiated by SCCA members was a 15 turn, tight autocross course. So, tight that you never even ventured out of 2nd gear.

DW's fast lap (the one we were going against was 31.810). I ended up 6th with a 32.251. The bulk were turning laps in the 34-37 range.

So, time came for me to run my car. Other cars were a Honda S2000, Porsche 944 tricked out, 2 Mini-Coopers (those things were tailor made for this course). I pull up in my black, 4 door sedan. Yes, I got some strange looks. Had to have it inspected for safety. I just had new ball joints and tie rods, so that was no problem. They also bumped my air pressures to 40psi (Dunlop Sport A2, 195/60).

DW said, looking at my car, "What's up with that?". I said, "You offered, I'm taking you up."

I didn't want to risk breaking something, so I resolved to just take it fairly easy -- not push it too hard. Man, the thing handled like a dream. It went in and turned just as easily as that new, awd Volvo -- every bit as good. The only place I was at a disadvantage was on the quick acceleration. I made the final turn and tripped the timer at 34.501. They couldn't believe it. They didn't believe that is wasn't modified at all.

I actually surprised myself, I figured on a 36-37 second lap -- I was just doing it for fun.

Here is the link to the speeds on the DWV website LINK. You'll see my speed at (Phillip Brooks) 32.251 -- 6th one down and you'll see all the other speeds. Those are all in the 300 hp Volvo. You'll see where the lap my Benz turned would fit in.

Not too bad. Not bad.

Thought you'd enjoy the story. Later this evening, I'll post the story of the guy wrecking his 944
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