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Comand sotware update S430

The battery on my 2000 S430 was recently replaced by Roadside Assistance. It took them about 10 minutes flat to do the swap.

Since the above my Comand Nav system seems not to find where I am. (I call her Dora ..very nagging voice). On routes where I have travelled before it indicates that I am "Off Road" and to proceed to the nearest road.

Could the battery replacement have something to do with this?.

(Recently when I had my wife's ML55's battery replaced the dealer
indicated that it took almost 1 hour 30 because of downloads.

It seems my firm/sotware date is 09/99. I have obtained a MYOB02 CD. When I start the download process to upgrade, it indicates to start the head unit. On the console it indicates "No Tape". I inserted a blank casette thinking that it might need this for backup.
Any Ideas?.

My dealership is 50 miles away otherwise I would already be there.
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