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On some 201's you can try raising the trans (tilting the engine slightly forward) and get it from on top.
Other ones (assuming you have a hoist) you loosen the motor mounts and actually use a screw-jack and a block of wood and push UP on the front of the oil pan to get enough angle. make sure you put a few of the easier-to-get-to bolts back in before doing this of course. The general types of tools are a VERY long extension and flex socket (one in good shape so it doesn't hang down loosely) or a good flexible adapter and socket. You can use either 3/8 drive with a 1/2 adapter, or go with 1/2" all the way if you have it. We're talking in excess of 3 feet of extension here, go right over the top of the whole tranny.
The reason I say use a 3/8" with a 1/2" adapter is you usually are going to need a longer ratchet or breaker bar to loosen it.
Sometimes it's extra-hard to get that top one as there will be a sheetmetal bracket under the bolt head, and you're lucky if you can SEE the head of the bolt, sometimes you're going by FEEL.

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