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1) 5mm hex drain bolt would not undo. The hex stripped! Therfore had to drain fluid by taking pan off, not too much of a big deal since had to change filter anyway. Anyone have any tips on getting the drain pug out for next time?
If I have a stuck one, first I tap on the head a little with a hammer (I usually do this with the pan still bolted to the transmission). Then I use a small or medium chisel and chisel at the edge so that the force is directed in a counter-clockwise direction. Works good, just be careful so the corner of the chisel doesn't damage the pan. This is quite common, especially if the transmission hasn't been serviced for a long time or if the plug was overtorqued.

2) Could not drain torque converter. After stripping the drain pug hex was not too keen to apply too much torque. How much fluid did I leave in the torque converter and will it make much of a difference?
You left LOTS of fluid in there, more than what's in the case!
Maybe you need either a better tool (as Haasman hinted at) or more guts, don't know which. You using name-brand tools, or just some no-name cheaper stuff? You can also use a punch and tap into the center of the hex-shape, this can help it loosen up easier with the tool.

3) Fluid level now a bit high. What effect will this have on gearbox? Should I remove some by sucking it from the dipstick?
YES you should correct the fluid level. Sucking out the tube is OK, I would recommend starting over and replacing the fluid again, and remove both plugs this time, probably just leave the filter alone if you just did that. You can buy new drain plugs for it.
Torque the oil pan bolts at 10nm, and both drain plugs at 14nm.
Use an aluminum seal ring on the torque converter, and a copper one on the pan.

You will notice the book gives a flush fluid amount and a simple replacement amount. Flush gives a bigger replacement amount.
I'd like to know what "book" gives a flushing amount for a Mercedes transmission, certainly not one published by Mercedes. Don't even go there!


PS Make SURE you get the old seal removed from the torque converter. If you didn't have one to remove from the converter drain plug, it's probably mashed into the torque converter around the drain-hole. Remove it!
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