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Comand S430

The first thing I did when I started having the problem was to calibrate the tire size.

Thanks for your info. Fortunately I don't have a long trip planned in cities that I have not been in before for a few months and maybe I should take it to the dealer. I just hate having something not working and want a fix now!. My nature.

(I am from South Africa and do not know US cities too well so the NAV system is an incredible help....Not so when Dora thinks I am lost though).

Jana in my wife's ML55 has a much sweeter voice.


S430. (Family Vehicle)
ML55. (Wife's)
328iS. (Daughter's)
996 Targa. (Mine when the weather is good)
Mitsu 3000 VR4. (Wife's other car)
2 Grand Cherokees. (My company vehicles) Need more garaging.
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