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Old 11-24-2003, 10:33 PM
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Unhappy Suspension leak

Hello All, I am a newbee so please bear with me, We have a 91 300 TE 4matic. It runs very well but the problem I am having is that the car leaks hydraulic fluid onto the exaust system and does an impression of a crop duster. I spent time under the car tonight and found that the leak seems to be coming from the rubber hoses at the end of the tranny. These suspect hoses seem to connect from the tranny to the hydraulic valve that controls the self leveling suspension. I am an MG person and am not used to all these new fangled systems, but I do know all about leaks! Anyway, has anyone out there in M-B land ever experenced this? If I can't fix this my wife is going to make me buy a Suburban!! Help!!
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