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I unfortunately missed Brooks' run because I was sitting at the airport waiting on a flight that was an hour late, but I was the witness to the 944 debacle.

This guy did a number on his front left wheel, probably blowing out all suspension - and he left his front cowling / air dam on the course. He also rolled up over two orange safety cones which were stuck up under the car very tight and took some time to get out. He just pushed way too hard through the final turn and lost the back end, then overcorrected and ended up going into the base (curb) of the light pole and smacked it hard with a direct hit, scarring the piss out of a course worker that was standing by the pole.
He did turned in a 33 sec run - but at what cost? He was pushing it very hard, and was a solid driver despite the accident, so Brooks' run in the 190 that competed so close with Porsche is all that more impressive to me.

I wished now I had tried my car on the course too - but had I not represented as well as Brooks, I would never be allowed at his house again for the world famous cilantro-grilled chicken and mojito dinner...

way to go Brooksie !

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