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Exclamation Help Roadside break down: 190e belt tensioner questions

The 190e's belt tensioner quit in the middle of downtown San Francsico! OK, there are worse places to have a problem.

I determined that the adjusting arm came out of the serpentine belt adjuster. I just replaced the unit and I am wondering if I installed it the wrong way.

I have two questions:

- Which way does the threaded long adjuster arm go into the belt tensioner? In other words, does the curved hooked end point towards the front of the car or towards the back of the car.

I wonder this because I can remove the rod completely ....

-Second question: Can I remove just the tensioner unit alone or do I have to do extra removal of parts and pieces surrounding it?

I am embarassed to ask but when I did this several weekends ago it was also while doing a water pump and I didn't pay alot of attention.

Thanks in advance,


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