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Stuck Ign Switch on a 123...HELP!!

I have a '84 123 CD Turbo and everything worked great until one day I shut it off and pulled the key out of the ign switch. When I went to restart it, The key wouldn't turn but just a fraction toward the "ON" position. I have tried turning the steering wheel against the good. I have put added leverage against the key to try to un-stick good. I have removed the under-dash panel and tapped on the lock assy.... no good. I loosened the clamp that holds the key lock to the column... no good.

I don't mind pulling out and replacing the entire lock assembly and replacing it

The problem now is how to remove the entire lock assembly when you can't pull the key tumbler out to clear the dash.

Please give me some ideas... I have an appointment to get the car painted in 2 weeks.

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