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Question WTF water comin out of AC vents

Hello everyone,

I'm not guna lie and say that I'm an expert with Benzos, but I do have quiet a bit more knowledge about the car overall than the average person. I've done quiet a bit of readding and learning since I got a 99 E320.

I have no idea how to start explaining this, but here we go. I smoke cigarettes in the car but don't like to have the windows/sunroof open because I'm usually going fast and the noise bugs me. So what I do is I set the AC on, put it on recirculate, and also turn on the charcoal filter. Nice n quiet. Anyways, last night I'm driving home from work and I'm about to spark up, so I set on the AC etc etc, and to my surprise I notice there's WATER coming out of all the front AC vents, at first I thought I was losing it so I pulled over to make sure I'm okay. I was okay. Not hallucinating. So AC goes back on and again there's a very slow drip of water coming from the vents, just a thin stream of water slowly coming out of all of them. I had the balls to taste the water and to my surprise it didn't have any taste. I have no idea wtf is going on, maybe this has something to do with me having the economy thing on all the time? cuz i don't really need the comp. working, the outside temp is good. But god damn man, can anyone tell me what is going on? How can water be comin from the vents. HOW??!? It kept coming for the 5 mins I had it on. ahh man this sucks cuz all the inside got wet. i'm so pissed off and confused at the same time, duno what to say.

I would be so appriciative if someone can advise me on what can be wrong. Thanks
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