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I presume you wouldn't like the taste of anitfreeze, so I imagine you are getting condensate water pushed through the vents. I would wonder if the drains are clogged. I have never had a plugged drain on a 210 car so can't help much there.

When the "EC" light is on the compressor is off. If it isn't on then the compressor is on no matter the setting. You might wish to monitor the evap temp as the sensors are always going bad. They cause a number of symptoms. To see the sensor value push the "rest" button and hold it around 10 seconds. The display will say "1" on the left. Click the left side "auto" button and the number will scroll down. Look at "5". This is the evaporator temp. It should read ambient temp first thing in the morning and it should aproach 32 deg F usually stopping 35-39deg. Anything other would be wrong.

My 99 E430 showed 99deg F the first time I was driving it home. Compressor worked fine, but I couldbn't get high blow through the center ducts without setting the temp about 10-15 degrees lower than I should of had to. This was a new fault symptom for the bad sensor. Usually it would read 150+deg and the compressor would cycle off and eventually stay off.
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