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What the hell is this, raging waters six flags or something?

Man what the hell I've prolly ruined some of the interior of the car from the water running out of the vents, come on the money I paid for this car is like a million dollars to me, hard earned money. I dunno, the only new thing I've figured out is if I set the temps high so that the foot vents are blowing air, water come out of them too. Not sure about the rear foot vents, I did try to accelerate real hard so that maybe the water comes out of them, but none from the back foot vents. I'm thinking this might be a joke or something, and if it is then the person who is behind it is guna have to suffer. How in the world can I be getting a steady stream of water coming out of the AC vents man? HOW? If this is a joke, I'm guna get the guy (assuming it's a male) and take him to a nice large empty garage that has a roof. I'm guna make him put his own weeneer inbetween something very heavy or somehow tie it down, and then set the whole damn place on fire. If he wants to live, he's guna have to get his weeeneer cut off by his own power. Cuz honestly, this is pissing me off to the point that I find myself having enough energy to just rip an arm off from the person behind this. If it's not ajoke, it's some kind of manufacturing error, BECAUSE HOW CAN WATER BE FLOWING OUT OF THE VENTS GOD DAMN IT.

ph**k my life. serious.
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