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Usually the power steering pump leaks don't get progressively worse on these. On the models with steering gear boxes, those steering gear boxes DO get worse with time, but the pumps normally take a long time before you have a real bad leak. Your C class has rack and pinion, not a steering gear box.

Also I evidently have a leak on the differential. This concerns me more as I cannot add fluid to it.
The usual leak is the side seals or the front (pinion) seals. It would be a tough DIY job.
As far as the differential - Obviously I can add fluid to it but like you stated, Jilly, it will be a PITA.
I'm not suggesting it's a PITA to top it up occasionally. I'm saying it would be tough to repair the differential leak yourself.
You stated you CAN'T add fluid to it, which is false, it's fairly easy to add fluid to it.

Hope this reply is more useful.

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