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Originally posted by dtf
I think another thing that can contribute to streaky windshields is a pitted windshield (like mine - looks like it is covered with pollen when looked at from an angle) that collects road grim and oil from the road during routine driving. I periodically wash it down with isopropanol and then wipe the blade. I think the mono wiper is better than the standard type because for a brief instant during rain a standard passenger side wiper throws a huge amount of water right in your line of sight before the other wiper can clear it off.
I can go along with that. I also think the mono wiper is much more visually pleasing (when operational). The monowiper moves to in fro quickly without hindering sight.

However, this reminds me. Though I've only needed to use it but once. The third speed on my wiper is the same as the second. Does anyone know what could cause this?

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